31 octubre, 2012

My favorite Leader

Sabéis quien es Steve Jobs??? (Espero que el inglés no sea un problema).....

   Recently I have read the Steve Jobs´s biography…Before this I have heard about him how the creator of Apple. For the people that don´t know what is Apple, I can tell you that it is the biggest computer company in the EEUU, with an apple as logo on theirs machines.

Steve had a difficult life, because he was given for adoption when he was a baby and his adoptive parents hadn´t much money; although this wasn´t a problem to go to the University at Berkeley, at California. But in the first fourth months, he got bored and left it, but there He knows a person called Steve Wozniak who was his best friend and business partner. Without finishing the University, they made a fortune making the first personal computer, called Apple I. After this they made the Apple II, the Lisa, and the Mac, which is the machine actually you can buy at the stores. Also they made the Ipod (for listening music), Iphone (a mobile phone) and Ipad (a tablet pc); all this products are the most brilliant machines at their field.

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